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Show Descriptions

Mary Jo Maluso & Rick Blackson offer numerous themed cabaret/concerts.


The most requested show, called Beyond Broadway, combines skillfully performed Broadway favorites, nostalgic American classics, and a medley of fun, upbeat Country songs sprinkled with one or two of Rick’s unique originals and select gems by some of America’s finest cabaret singers. The show is impeccably paced and woven together with trivia and comment both humorous and nostalgic.


Following are other highly requested shows, which utilize the aforementioned formula:


  • A Bite of the Big Apple - all Broadway

  • Let Christmas Fill Your Heart – fun and upbeat show featuring Holiday favorites with emphasis on our sentimental and spiritual connection to Christmas.

  • Celebrate the Season – mostly seasonal songs focusing on the fun, festive, and romantic side of the Holidays.

  • From Broadway to Blackson - warm and humorous blending of Broadway classics, Rick’s originals, and a wide variety of carefully chosen gems.

  • It’s All About Love - Valentine’s Day show highlighted by several Rick Blackson originals that were performed at the duo’s wedding.

  • Laughing and Loving On New Year’s Eve – gives the audience the opportunity for a nostalgic look back and a positive, promising look ahead.

  • Those Were the Days – features TV and movie theme songs, jingles, and trivia from the 60’s and 70’s.


The versatile duo has designed numerous shows (concerts) around a special occasion or theme. Their “period” shows have been enthusiastically received. For example, a show with a 1960 theme would include carefully selected songs from around the period woven together by a “script” featuring interesting facts and trivia from the year, 1960.


And…Supper Club

Guests enjoy Rick playing appropriate piano music. He is joined by Mary Jo every 15 or 20 minutes for a song or two, then right back to the piano music. Guests can sit and visit, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere provided by the piano, yet they also get a little special entertainment during their event.

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