Natalie Kovacs

Hello my name is Natalie Kovacs. I have been a student of Rick’s since the age of 5. I am now 19 years old and have just finished my first year of college in New York City at Marymount Manhattan College. I am majoring in Musical Theatre with a minor in Speech Language Pathology.

Rick and Mary Jo have been quite the mentors. When I first began lessons with Rick, he soon introduced me to Maureen Collins at Easy Street Productions.
Rick was the reason that I was able to begin my love for musical theatre. With his help and guidance in music theory and voice, I quickly blossomed. Not only is he an amazing teacher all around, the focus that he has with making each lesson more enjoyable every time is incredible. He knew when I would start to get fidgety as a child that it was best to move onto something else to get my attention back. Learning piano is not easy as a 5-year old, but no one can teach it better.

Rick’s attention to details in how I learn are appreciated beyond words. I looked forward to our lessons every week. I was so excited to introduce him to my younger sister Leah. She is now 11 years old. Since I have had to stop taking lessons because of schooling, I can come home and watch her experience the joy in learning piano with Rick just like I did. She is at the age now where I really started to figure out that music was going to have a huge impact on me.

Rick was always so great in helping me with auditions coming up, or a
show outside of our work together. He always knew what song sounded best in my vocal range or what more I could do to really “perform” the song.

What I will say that I have taken with me the most, other than being able to know and work with such a wonderful teacher, is music theory. Rick and I really started to dig into theory once I had been accepted into college. I remember being young and having theory homework every week that he had given me, so it all played a huge part in my knowledge today. If Rick hadn’t pushed me to focus more into theory and technique, I would not have been nearly as prepared for the knowledge expected of me today.
Rick and I still keep in contact frequently and I always feel comfortable
reaching out to him if I have any questions about school or anything I could need him for. I look forward to begin my sophomore year of college and continue learning more and more from Rick everyday.

Joey Monda

“My training with Rick was foundational to my training as a musician and artist. His passion for storytelling through song is an early building block upon which I have built a career. He is a first-class teacher and musician that invests deeply in each student’s artistic journey while helping them achieve their full potential. My time with Rick remains deeply ingrained in me and I am forever grateful.”